Affects of westernization on youth and

This is happening because of the number of English medium schools in our society and the excessive use of email and messaging amongst the youth, which is usually in English or in a combination of English and a native language.

The Pakistani youth, which forms the majority of the population, are quickly being influenced as they are the most vulnerable. But as the Europeans grew in political importance, Indians became interested in the causes of the growth, so that the first… In India: Music—no way inferior to western music India has its own vocal and instrumental music.

Works Cited Hill, C. It is the duty of young citizens of India to restore the glory by encouraging the artistic performances of these traditional aspects and giving them more importance instead of considering as the things that decorate the curriculum vitae.

As of today, we see cold drinks being used to such an extent that they are part of almost every meal, even in formal dinners. Western inventions such as the telegraph and railways aroused the prejudice…. This is especially true among the affluent, who have easy access to television and other forms of electronic media, Western products, and food.

It coupled with other factors, like globalization, technological advancement, and youth disillusionment with native powers and has led to an increasing influence from Western culture. SlideShare For those who are interested, here is a link to a PowerPoint Affects of westernization on youth and done on this very topic from slideshare.

In many instances, Western culture and its symbols are still valued over native customs, leading to a kind of colonization of the mind. Lack of support for artists of these talents.

Economically, it has dramatically increased the wealth of some people and led to a more urban country. Missionaries were challenging the religious beliefs of the Hindus. This cultural circumstance began after independence, though it was fostered long before by British powers.

These things brought a drastic change in certain common aspects like food habits and dress wear.

Effects of Westernization on the Culture of Pakistan

Major cities sometimes have three or even four outlets of the same chain. Certain people considered these as their profession and used to earn their living by giving performances in auditoriums. How do different groups in Pakistan view westernization or modernization and why do differences of opinion exist?

Literature—Rabindranath Tagore, the man whose works are applauded by western people was felicitated him with prestigious Nobel Prize for his work Gitanjali.

Balasubramanium and Ilayraja might have thought that way, we have lost many songs which are considered as jewels. Colonial India Causes of Westernization in Pakistan British colonialism and colonization of the mind The British ousting from the Indian subcontinent in no way meant that the customs they introduced would fade away.

The instrumental includes veena often referred as analogy to goddess saraswatitabala, mrudangam and shehnai.

Impact of western culture on Indian youth

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of famous Western food chain outlets in Pakistan. In this respect, westernization has had some positive effects in Pakistan. For instance, women are now at high posts in many renowned banks and multinational companies and hold ministerial posts in the government as well.

Rowling but not the books written by Indian authors. The works of great poet Kalidas, whom we consider as Shakespeare of India, are unknown to many young Indians. How are the current cultural changes in Pakistan different or similar to ones that have happened in the past?

During his tenure as governor-general of India —56Lord… In India: This liberty has given women the right and ability to enjoy life as other women do in the western countries. Westernization has been part of the modernization process, which in no sense can be regarded as harmful.


How can you preserve cultural traditions, and which ones are better left behind if any? If people like Lata Mangeskar, S.

Their educational policy was a Westernizing one, with English instead of Persian as the official language; the old elites, schooled in the traditional pattern, felt themselves slighted.

The much debated human rights issues which were previously ignored are now being attended to, which is clearly evident from the recent passing of a human rights bill. In fact, we have started using English as a tool to distinguish between high and low class.

This has polarized our culture as more people are moving away from the teachings of Islam and from traditional customs in general. Now, the judicial system has started taking note of the difficulties of people and is making an effort to resolve them with sincerity and in the shortest time possible.

Please continue thinking about these issues as they are relevant to this topic and shape its discourse. Our mother tongue Urdu is being replaced by English as a more common language used in conversations.The inundation of Western culture is undeniable as it has effects that are both unconsciously beneficial and detrimental in our daily lives.

In this age of modernization everything has become modern even the humans with stylish haircut, outlook, dresses and even our attitude. Impact of western culture on Indian youth “Civilization is what we have, culture is what we are”—Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

India is a nation with a unique identity among the world nations. colonialism and missionary to prove the effects of Western civilisation and culture on Africa.

It concludes by putting forth viable options as a panacea for Africa to come out of its cultural logjam. All this is because of westernization of youth in Pakistan.

Over the past decade, the youth of Pakistan has been adversely affected by western culture. A significant change has been observed in.

Other articles where Westernization is discussed: Sharīʿah: The scope of Sharīʿah law and the mode of its administration: 19th century the impact of Western civilization upon Muslim society brought about radical changes in the fields of civil and commercial transactions and criminal law. How there is head and tail for a coin, there is both positive and negative impact of western culture on India and especially on Indian youth, In past in India men were our traditional dresses, but now it is entirely changed, now the Indian youth moving with jeans, t-shirts, minis, micros, etc., here we can proud of that western culture, it bringing us with the fast moving world.

Affects of westernization on youth and
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