An argument against lowering the legal drinking age back to eighteen

According to them, it was common for kids close to the border to cross over for a night out, or to pick up beer and smuggle it back over state lines.

And obviously, that makes sense. You know who stops going to frat parties and straight to the bar once they turn 21? The "interstate beer runs" as my parents would call them, led to what MADD and other similar organizations would call "blood borders.

Every 12 minutes, another person dies in a car accident. They are drinking and you cannot enforce it," Stahl remarked. You know where kids consistently get into massive amounts of stuff?

Is It Time To Lower The Drinking Age To 18?

One study, conducted in Irelandfound alcohol to be the most prevalent date rape drug. McCardell says the law has created a dangerous culture of irresponsible and reckless behavior, unsupervised binge and extreme drinking, like something called "Six in Ten" - downing six cups of beer in ten seconds, kids trying to perfect the art of getting drunk as fast as possible by playing drinking games.

The Debate On Lowering The Drinking Age

Given the epidemic of binge drinking among minors lowering the drinking age would be like subjecting a few dozen more Americans, each year, to the firing squad. After age 25, the drunk driving rates decrease. Shutterstock In America, eighteen-year-olds can vote, operate a motor vehicle, pay taxes, marry, become a legal guardian, own a gun, fight and die in a foreign country, and even become governor of the great state of Rhode Island.

Would these history-making measures expand on progressive movements happening in our country right now, or would newly lax laws mean even more liquid lubrication for repugnant jerks like this guy? Patrick Neustatterauthor, retired general practitioner, and current medical director at Lloyd Moss Free Clinic.

Alcohol detracts from all of these. This argument is nothing new. The late teens and early twenties are formative years where character building, leadership in the community, and scholastic excellence should be emphasized.

According to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Healthalcohol is associated with an increased risk of hazardous sexual behavior, academic failure, drug abuse, and alterations to the structure and function of the brain.

Sure, at first glance, picking up a bottle seems less harmful than picking up a gun. So, you could be legally withheld from buying a fifth in one state, but then physically walk over an imaginary line in the ground into another, buy all the bottles of sweet, sweet whiskey your little heart coveted, get boozed up, and then just go home.

The best we can do is try to contain it," he told Stahl. The illegal aspect encouraged me away from any controlled settings like bars and restaurants, and forced me to drink and have parties wherever and whenever we could find a secret and often unsafe location woods at night, abandoned houses, haunted mansions, frat parties, etc.

In particular, the issue of date rape seems ominous. They also cite Europe as an example of a lower drinking age that works. I remember being fascinated by the level of respect and control young Europeans had when they drank.

And pre-loading - downing as much of the forbidden fruit as possible before going out in order to avoid getting caught drinking in public. When President Ronald "Just Say No" Reagan signed the act, he issued a blanket requirement for all states to raise their drinking age, or risk losing highway funding from the government.

In short, there are more than 25, people alive today because of the 21 minimum drinking age law in every state. A brief stroll through nearly every major campus in America reveals a plethora of keg parties, crowded bars filled with fake ID wielding minors, and rowdy sorority and fraternity functions that rage through the night.

Surround the house with officers and we would write every single underage person coming out of that house.

In other words, simply because drinking and driving rates are not particularly high in Europe among late teens does not mean this trend would continue in the U.

Taking that chance seems irresponsible. Throw in the extensive training involved, and you get a very different experience than allowing a young adult to imbibe a bottle of Jim Beam and, potentially, engage in a host of deleterious acts. Shutterstock Can we use Europe as a model for lowering the age?

Unsurprisingly, this type of behavior was a key impetus in the decision to introduce the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. And people did this. Wikimedia Commons Why is the drinking age 21 in the first place?

These kids knew how much alcohol they could handle because they were taught about it in an upfront, transparent way. Their explanation was they had been exposed to alcohol almost their entire lives, as enjoying a glass of wine at dinner is not uncommon for children as young as When I was 18, I went to Canada drinking age is 19 in Toronto!

Drunk driving, in particular, is far too common a hazard to allow the underage this needless license.

Top 3 Reasons Why the Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered to 18

One could easily argue that one or many of those bears way more responsibility than drinking alcohol. Are we ready to give year-olds the right to drink, again?The Legal Drinking Age Should Be 18 Essay - Did you know that in the year the legal drinking age was only In there was a law passed that said in order to drink legally and to buy alcohol a person had to be Factors In Favor of and Against Khimley Young Critical Thinking and Problem Solving/ Hum AOS Instructor Dr.

Steven Mathews October 24, Lowering the Legal Drinking Age to Yea or Nay Argument in Favor of Lowering the Legal Drinking Age The age of 18 is a transitional point in life. Aug 22,  · But the college presidents got what they wanted: a national debate about the drinking age.

When the age was raised to 21 in the mids, the goal was to reduce highway fatalities. But everyone knows that the 21 age limit hasn't stopped minors from drinking.

Feb 10,  · Return the drinking age to 18 -- and then enforce the law. The current system, which forbids alcohol to Americans under 21, is widely flouted, with disastrous consequences.

Lower. The purpose of having the legal drinking age at 21 is supposedly to protect children from the negative effects of alcohol.

However, having the drinking age so high has the opposite effect on teens. Not having alcohol normal and easily accessible has made teens tend to. Three states are attempting to introduce legislation that would lower the drinking age back to 18, The legal drinking age in the United States has Is It Time To Lower The Drinking Age To.

An argument against lowering the legal drinking age back to eighteen
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