Barbing salon business plan in nigeria conflict

And such happen on 1 January by the Good luck Government in his tenure. This was when a protest was launched against arbitrary changes in public working hours by the artisan workman in the works department.

Industrial Conflicts in Nigeria

Inspite of this belief, there is no evidence to show that the British deliberately imported trade unionism into Nigeria for there had been in Lagos in the existence of a mechanics mutual and providence and improvement Association and inthe Lagos Merchantile Clerks Association was formed to safe guard the interest of clerks working for.

As a result of the strike all the economic activities were paralysed. Government refusal resulted in a general strike which tasted for forty five 45 days. The first formal union to develop in Nigeria was the civil service union founded in To meet the set goals and targets, organizations employ men and women with different ethnic, social and economic backgrounds and individual goals and targets in life.

In fact, group activities of this sort are strongly rooted in the Tribal Structure and organisation of hundreds, blacksmiths, carvers and weavers. The statutory procedures for the resolution of disputes are contained in the trade disputes act of They security will embark on strike.

They embarked on a three days strike after which the then governor compromised has position and gave up threat of dismissal of the workers by agreeing to negotiate with workers.

Strike Problems in Nigeria

But if the government refuse to change there mind, they will embark on strike and it will affect the student, school management and the government itself.

This militancy of workers especially that adopted by the railway workers union led to a successful general strike in Labour radicalism received ideological fuelling: The first major cause of conflict in an organisastion is the variance of objective of the worker or workers and the employer.

Unfortunately, after expanding their worth a good number of them dried and a lot of them dissolved after they had received their aim. July 10, by articles 2 Comments Strike Problems in Nigeria Strike Problems in Nigeria — It is generally obvious and quite indisputable that strike has taken impact on the Nigeria Economy.

Michael Imoudu; the same economic crisis of the second world war resulted to a lot of militancy among the unions especially the blue-collar workers. The contract is however subject to the general law of contract and the agreement is regarding as one, arrived at after bargaining.

The prospective of the Second World War by the British and the involvement of the colonies in the war effort had created economic difficulties in these territories.

Prices of commodities were high and the economic conditions of the time were so hard that the workers demanded an increase in the cost of living awards of Under the act of the parties having exhausted all available voluntary machinery for settling their disputes or conflicts and stating so in writing and areas on which they disagree, the minister of labour may take the following step: Strike can be defined as a process by which an organisation organised stopping of work by employers because of some agreement on wages and salaries.Strike Problems in Nigeria - It is generally obvious and quite indisputable that strike has taken impact on the Nigeria Economy.

Oxford Advanced Learn. Industrial Conflicts in Nigeria. THE ORIGIN OF TRADE UNIONISM IN NIGERIA: There was a general belief that trade unions in the former British Colonial including Nigeria were not natural development as in the metropolitan countries, but rather a creature of the British Colonial office.

Barbing salon business plan in nigeria conflict
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