Bogota to medellin nightly business report

I got her number and hopefully will meet her when I return to Colombia. However, at the end of the night or beginning of the morning — 10 A.

Either way, I approached her when I got back and we danced, made out, etc.

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She told me that she had a 47 year-old Chinese boyfriend back in Venezuela not sure if bullshit. Bogota to medellin nightly business report met the girl at a coffee place literally a block or two from where I was staying. Whereas with some of the Colombian food, I felt like lying down after eating sometimes because of how heavy the food was.

I met some random guy on the street after we left ladies night think he came up to me and Nick and asked if I was Korean or something and we were still trying to party. Honestly, the club was bogota to medellin nightly business report fucking awesome but I was also kind of wasted and with a group.

It turned out that one was the mom and the other her daughter LOL. The city also hosts an annual flower festivalthe Feria de las Flores. Will split this report between my times spent in Bogota and Medellin, respectively.

I had trouble sleeping that night but YOLO. Only a couple of the girls followed through in terms of meeting lots of delays in response time, girls often busy during the week, general flakiness, etc.

We went back to the club and I said I needed to find my friends in reality, was trying to find another girl. Tijs Zwinkels, Flickr, cc by-sa The relative coolness of Rolos echoes the weather.

Apparently right after we said bye, some skanks on the street tried to steal his phone but he got it back — watch your pockets. Eventually I saw some girl smile at me and I went in. Considering that during the trip, I never once had a line of drinks like you would usually drink in the states, and just small sips, and considering how cheap carbonated beverages were, it was wild.

One of them was hot as fuck — legit the type I would love to bang in Latin America — slightly tanned, blonde-ish hair, tight body, not too tall, etc. I was kind of sketched out because it was a long cab ride later on, my friend told me that I was in a SUPER sketchy neighborhood.

I was still trying to party and smash some sloot though so I walked around Zona Rosa to see what was going on. It can also be rather unpredictable during the day, with warm sunshine, followed by cold winds and rains in the space of a few hours.

Datasheet Summary 5 bangs 10 days — half in Bogota, half in Medellin — last day I just flew back to Bogota though So I went to Colombia for 10 days recently and needless to say, it blew away my expectations. We never got to meet but maybe when I return to Bogota.

Anyway, we got a bottle maybe two or three and were chilling upstairs at La Villa the place where Gringo Tuesday is held. Just for the purposes of banging on a short trip, Tinder is probably better I banged 2 girls off Tinder.

Luckily there is some reprieve from the madness on Sundays, when over km of major roads are closed to traffic, an event called Ciclovia, allowing cyclists, runners and skaters freedom to reclaim the streets. Takes no balls to message a girl on Tinder, so everyone does it — more competition Day 2 Sightseeing I finally did some sightseeing this day — Medellin definitely seemed better for tourism than Bogota.

I danced with a few girls and had some fun. We went up to my place and I poured some drinks — probably not even necessary — had like a sip each before making out. Before that, we got tacos and pre-gamed a little. Nick eventually decided to call it a night — we checked out another venue but it was closing.

Needless to say, it was awesome; in terms of girls, I managed to bang 5 in the 10 days that I was there. Despite this, travellers will find Rolos still have the characteristic Colombian friendliness. This sexy ass mulatta told me to come find her when the bachata came on, which I did.

Trip to Colombia (Bogota, Medellin) – 10 days, 5 bangs – Datasheet and Report with Pictures

He was with a bachelor party and we ended up drinking cola together — like the cola in Bogota, it was very organic and amazing. Enjoyed my stay in both, not super fancy but decent enough 1 bedroom or studio setups with everything I needed and minutes away from the nightlife walking distance.

Main Menu Colombian Showdown: Anyway, we started slamming aguardiente, which is the national drink — tastes peppermint-y and gives you bad hangovers.

Luckily, it was all good. I went to both Bogota and Medellin — people often say that Medellin is teeming with hotties but honestly, I thought that there were hot girls in both cities — this is of course subjective.

If you are white, grew up in a gated community in the suburbs, went to a private university, have never been in a fight in your life, etc. There might be a slight difference in the types of girls you run into in Bogota and Medellin the accent is different among other things but as far as I know, the two cities are magnet cities for Colombians so they both have people from all over the country because of things like weather, jobs, etc.Medellin is Colombia's second largest city and a mayor economic hub.

It is know as the City of Eternal Spring because of its friendly climate. Oct 10,  · Re: transport from Bogota to Medellin to Cartagena Oct 10,PM It would be helpful if you provided some idea of your budget for hotels as there is a wide range in price.

MDE (Medellin) to BOG (Bogota) Flights $ If you are trying to save some cash on your next business trip look for flights on Tuesday. Add your property to Expedia Explore More.

Expedia. About Expedia Jobs Investor Relations. Re: Colombia Report - Medellin, Cartagena, Bogota «Reply #16 on: October 09,AM» if you want the easiest just stay at the mansion, but yes el. Bogotá vs Medellín, which is the better city to live in? Jeff compares the two largest cities in Colombia in a comprehensive comparison.

Bogotá vs Medellín, which is the better city to live in? I have lived in Medellín for well over five years but I have traveled to Bogotá many times for both business and pleasure.

I Love Medellin. Medellín contrasts with Bogota as it is newer – founded in – more contemporary and metropolitan.

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The city has completely rejuvenated itself through urban restructure and revitalisation, and as such has completely changed over the last 25 years, moving away from its troubled past to .

Bogota to medellin nightly business report
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