Compare the leadership style of ram with krishna

Krishna understands and utilizes to the full, the strengths and weaknesses of people he has to deal with. Rama is seen as an epitome of righteousness and the most sought-after virtues in life, while Krishna is shown as mischievous and romantic as a youngster.

As a son he loved both Devki and Yashoda. This is the essence of Management — the art of getting things done through people, efficiently and effectively. His love for Radha was both immortal and pious. For business exists to sustain society.

At every critical juncture, he chooses the decision based on dharma. The unfortunate event of renunciation of his wife Sita was a compulsion.

But what does a person need to be ready to labor in ministry for Jesus?

‘Leadership is a journey from ‘me’ to ‘we’’

As a King with a mighty army he never invaded any kingdom. He never fought the battle and never picked up any weapon. But compare we must do, having set forth on this endeavor.

The Leadership Style of Jesus

However, that does not mean NSE is not going international. Rama also gets angry at the ocean since it does not give him way to go to Lanka.

Chitra Ramkrishna: Queen of the Bourse

This earned him the title of "Ranchhod Das" meaning a coward, who fleas the battlefield — but he fled to avoid unnecessary loss of lives. Tactful Communicator From his early childhood onwards Lord Krishna displays superior communication and negotiation skills to deal with people — both friends and enemies.

Chitra is one of the few people I know who can do it without any conflict. Would this pose a challenge to bourses like NSE?

May 07, He regarded Arjun as a friend. Many wars with Jarasandha. When he leaves Gokula to kill Kamsa, he never returns.In one story Lord Ram leads his army to defeat Ravana in his land while in the second Lord Krishna oversees Pandavas defeat Kauravas in the battle at Kurushektra. In Ramayan, Lord Ram is the best yodhaa of his side.

Aug 10,  · Top 10 Qualities - Why Krishna is relevant even today Lord Krishna’s presentation style, non verbal or verbal communication, interpersonal skills, mass communication is relevant even today and should be a model for modern Management and Communication practitioners.

Ask any modern CEO about the importance of management. Chitra Ramkrishna: Queen of the Bourse Starting from scratch inChitra Ramkrishna helped set up the country's largest bourse, the National Stock Exchange. As its newest MD and CEO, she is.

Leadership Lessons from Lord Ram and Krishna

Nov 10,  · What’s your managerial style? Lord Krishna who was the greatest management guru of all time who managed every situation in any circumstances or Lord Rama who was a true leader and supreme in making strategies. On exemplifying positive and negative leadership through Ram, Ravan, Krishna and Duryodhan.

All are kings. But some follow rules and some break rules. The question is why? Ram and Krishna act for the benefit of others, the larger group. Ravan and Duryodhan are more interested in their glory even if their respective kingdoms are destroyed.

Krishna as leader 1. Krishna As Leader 1 2. Krishna as Leader in War Of Mahabharata 2 3. Submitted To: Prof. Mittal Datani Submitted By: Hiran Patel Dixita Patel Jaan Patel Jyoti Patel 3 4. Agenda Characters of Movies Leadership Teamwork Management Process Motivation Strategy Conclusion 4 5.

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Compare the leadership style of ram with krishna
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