Database concepts pt2520

Although the language has evolved over the years with a large array of syntax enhancements and additions, most of the basic functionality has remained essentially unchanged.

Primary Key When working with tables, you must understand how to uniquely identify data within a table. Which of the following is a term for an entity that resolves a many-to-many relationship?

Which statement best describes the function of a primary key? Before the availability of relational databases, data was stored in individual files that could not be accessed unless you knew a programming language.

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For example, the row in Figure 1. A database management system DBMS is software that allows the creation, retrieval, and manipulation of data.

PT 2520 Database Concepts Final Exam (ITT Tech)

Which of the following terms means determining if a user is who he or she claims to be? The advantage of such a surrogate key is that it is unique and does not have any inherent meaning or purpose; therefore, it is not subject to changes.

A key that consists of two or more attributes combined to make a unique value is called a In the SQL Management Studio you can create relationships by dragging between entities in the Which term best describes the type of entity shown here?

Learning SQL is probably one of the best long-term investments you can make for a number of reasons: Within the SQL language you can differentiate between individual sublanguages, which are a collection of individual commands. A relational database management system RDBMS provides this functionality within the context of the relational database theory and the rules defined for relational databases by Codd.

Sometimes the unique key is a system-generated sequence number; this type of key is called a synthetic or surrogate key. A database is an organized collection of data. What is the error in the following SQL statement? Large-scale commercial implementations of relational database applications started to appear in the mid to late s as early implementations were hampered by poor performance.

The order of the columns is unimportant because SQL allows you to display data in any order you choose.

Database concepts

Furthermore, splitting data this way avoids data inconsistency whereby the data differs between the different rows. Although relational databases and the SQL language are already over 30 years old, there seems to be no slowing down of the popularity of the language. The foreign key is the column that links the Customer and Order table together.

All the columns of the row represent respective data for the row. Which of the following best describes what would be returned by this query criterion? SQL allows you to query data, create new data, modify existing data, and delete data.

Database concepts pt2520 history of SQL corresponds closely with the development of relational databases concepts published in a paper by Dr. Which of the following is the type of join that only returns related records from the joined tables? For example, you can store data about books you read in a table called book.

When you design a table you should allow nulls if Redundancy refers to what database condition? When you encounter a many-to-many relationship you should always Which of the following is the term for database design adapted to the features and limitations of the database management system?

Which of the following is the portion of SQL used to select and edit data? SQL knowledge will continue to be a fundamental skill as there is currently no mature and viable alternative language that accomplishes the same functionality.

Any change to the address requires the update of all the rows in the table for that individual customer. Before you begin to use SQL, however, you must know about data, databases, and relational databases. Storing data in related groups and making the connections among them are what databases are all about.

Codd at IBM in Understanding relational database concepts provides you with the foundation for understanding the SQL language. You interact with a database when you withdraw cash from an ATM machine, order a book from a Web site, or check stock quotes on the Internet. Since then, relational databases and the SQL language have continuously evolved and improved.

For example, the book table may have a column for the title, publisher, date the book was published, and so on. Most applications developed today use a relational database and Oracle continues to be one of the largest and most popular database vendors.

In Oracle, then called Relational Software, Inc.Home Essays Christine Carlos PT Christine Carlos PT Unit 6 Lab. Topics: Holidays Required Setup and Tools See Lab Manual for Database Concepts for details on required setup and tools for this lab.

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Database Concepts Mary Easterling Database Concepts Paper (Ch. 30 Web Technologies and DBMS) The internet or web was created inthe internet grew. Eddie S. Jackson Kaplan University IT SQL Query Design Jon Walter McKeeby, DSc, MBA 07/08/ What is the purpose of a database schema? A database schema provides a place to group database objects together.

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Database concepts pt2520
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