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Moreover, after jail, probationers resume using drugs and committing crimes at higher rates than drug court grads, imposing further costs on the community.

It sees 40 to 60 new cases per day and admits a third of them into the program. The three-phase Miami program for first and second cocaine offenders begins with arrest and overnight incarceration in the Dade County Stockade, and appearance the following morning before the drug court judge.

The drug court program is definitely not a traditional court program. Drug courts essay Monroe County Program goals are as follows: Though it dances with the therapeutic, drug court must remain, first and foremost, a court.

Drug court supporters should also make sure that the courts steer clear of poor—or fraudulent—treatment providers.

California is one state that implemented the system with help from Proposition As drug-related arrests flooded courtrooms and overwhelmed jail space in South Florida during the crack-cocaine epidemic of the mid-eighties, frustrated policemen found themselves re-arresting addicts out on probation again and again, mostly for new drug crimes.

Programming and sanctions The programs in drug courts are expected to run between a period of six months and a year although some cases take longer than this depending on the complication of the condition.

These are better than those processed through the other traditional courts because they are rehabilitated to become more productive citizens. Moreover, with the fear of doing time hanging over his head, a drug abuser is more likely to stay in and finish treatment.

Drug Courts

Ferdinand praised the dozen men and women who, a year or so earlier, had stood before her to plead guilty to a felony. All Drug courts essay which follow the same basic rules, stay clean, finish treatment, and at the end of the program charges are dismissed against the offender.

Clients pay mandated fees for the program, and the program is partially funded by a special fine levied on a certain class of traffic offense. Right then and there I realize that being a alcoholic was not a life chose but more so a sickness.

Ijumaa Washington, a former crack addict nearing graduation from BTC, offers typical testimony. Drug courts were developed in an effort to help that process.

A person cannot be rehabilitated if they do not believe that they have a problem in the first place. Since the government has tried to control narcotics, by making tougher penalties for those who misuse them. Observers have noted that the current extent of overcrowding is a threat to the quality of life of prison employees as well as to the prisoners themselves.

I realized for the first time in my life that I was being given a chance at life and I made a decision to take it. Both these therapies try to turn the participant into a morally responsible agent, whose addiction is not a disease afflicting him from without but rather the direct result of previous choices he has made—choices he can now reject.

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The offenders who do not complete the drug court program are taken back to the criminal court awaiting sentences upon the guilty plea Whiteacre, If a defendant can not comply with the requirements they are placed in jail and all drug court privileges are revoked, the defendants pending charge s will be reinstated, as well as any new charge.

It is the purpose of this paper to explore the concept that drug courts are a far more effective method of punishment for drug offenders than the traditional route of incarceration. Even drug court dropouts benefit from their stay: Toward the more newfangled end of the spectrum of therapeutic approaches to combat addictions are providers who offer acupuncture.

I hated it, but now I see it as a blessing, because they gave me the choice of the drug court. Does incarceration rehabilitate prisoners?

Do they help cure addiction? All 12 of the graduates now worked or attended school. La Bastide, Ken De. Most drug users are not crazy serial killers, they are our neighbors, co-workers, and childhood friends that never grew up after college, or who developed a problem with pain killers following a back surgery.Free Essay: Drug courts were first established in Miami in and have continued to grow today.

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There is no doubt that the United States suffers from an increase in crime and more people than ever being incarcerated.

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