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Now, commuting from place to place is not as bad. Cambodia became independent in November This was because Norodom Sihanuk led a peaceful independence movement against the French. Their rule ended when the Vietnamese took control. The Mekong river floods the fields in the wet season, making the land perfect for growing rice, which is their main cash crop.

There are also 3, kilometers of inland waterways, and ports are available in Phnom Penh, and Kampong Saom. This was because after Pol Pot was over thrown, there was one Prime Minister, but they had conflicts over who it was supposed to be. Even though they grow a lot of rice, their main export is rubber, and their man import is machinery.

Cambodia lies between Thailand and Vietnam. The land terrain in Cambodia is mostly made up of low lands, flat plains, with mountains in the Southwest and north. The UN later came in and made the two opposing people both prime Ministers so that there would be no conflict.

This is where the food you grow on your farm is for your own good. Cambodia has a 2,kilometer long land boundary and kilometer coastline.

As of JulyCambodia had a total population of 9, I seriously think that people should help more than they are doing now, and make this a big situation because many lives are at stake.

Communication in Cambodia is not good at all. With a lot of violence going on in Cambodia, there needs to be some authority that can take control. Of the 9, people in Cambodia, the adult literacy rate was The life expectancy of many people in Cambodia is not that high.

Cambodia has a tropical climate like most countries in Southeast Asia. They should and could do this until the economy of Cambodia gets better and good enough to support its own people.

It occupies a total area ofsquare kilometers, and out of all of this, onlysquare kilometers are on land. The economy in Cambodia is certainly not the best in the world.

My proposal to the United Nations Economic Council is that they start donating some money to Cambodia to help out their economy. The reason is because of many diseases, and conflicts, which lead to early deaths. It is in fact a very poor country.

We will just have to wait and see how Cambodia shapes up. Cambodia only has nine useable airports. There has not been much International help in Cambodia and still the violence and economic problems continue. The main currency in Cambodia is the reil. In this tropical climate, there is a rainy, monsoon season from May to October.

English Cambodian

Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge murder millions of innocent Cambodians. The natural resources include, timber, gemstones, manganese, phosphates, and hydropower potential.

There is a wide amount of natural resources in Cambodia.

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The life expectancy at Birth in was 51 years of age. There are hardly any telecommunication companies available, and international services are limited to Vietnam and other few countries only. Truly I think that Cambodia is a nice country, but a nice country with many problems.Cambodia is a small country located in Southeast Asia bordering the Gulf of Thailand.

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Cambodia lies between Thailand and Vietnam. It occupies a total area ofsquare kilometers, and out of all of this, onlysquare kilometers are on land.

History Essay- Elizabeth l- why did she never marry and what were Digitization, Liberalization, Consolidation, and Globalization In today’s world, a couple of trends appeared in the s and. May 07,  · Words: Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Cambodia is currently experiencing something of an economic renaissance, in particular vs.

where the country has been. In the late s, Cambodia faced brutal government under the Pol Pot regime. Free Essay: Cambodia Cambodia finally experienced its first year of peace in over 30 years.

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This may look attractive to many investors. In this profile. The Cambodian Genocide was the mass slaughtering of people who were foreign, educated people, not Khmer (the native race in Cambodia), as well as other people the Khmer Rouge considered to be enemies.

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