Football genius essay

Even with this talent he still sits the bench for his pee wee team the Duluth Tigers. The reason I picked the word football genius is because Troy is a football genius because he can read the other teams plays so Troy knows what to do and to expect.

Order now The reason I picked picture 1 is because the whole book is about football and is based on football.

The reason I picked picture 5 is because the Falcons found out that Troy can read the other teams play when they played against the Cowboys. I can honestly say that I read it faster than I ever could have imagined. The suspense made me feel like I could not put it down. There were really no downfalls to this book.

Football Genius

I believe that the theme of the novel is to never give up. This only gets Troy Football genius essay away by security along with his field pass. Even though he can be on the sidelines, there is still a line behind the players that he cannot cross.

The main character in the book is Troy. This is one thing that kept me reading Football genius essay the book. The reason I picked picture 4 is because the novel is about the Falcons and how Troy helps the Falcons to read the other teams play so the Falcons know what to do and to help them out.

I also never knew if Troy was going to make a good or bad decision on a solution to the coaches not believing him. Mar 17, Justin Jakstys rated it it was amazing This is one of my favorite books and I think that the author, a former professional football player, did a good job on his first book.

I also liked how how real former NFL players were tied into the book. The reason I picked picture 3 is because Troy can basically read exactly what the Football genius essay team is going to do so basically he has a play book built into his head.

Troy discovers that his mom got a job working for the Atlanta Falcons. I felt as if I wanted Troy to prove his talent to the coaches and to that cocky Jamie Renfro just as bad as he did. Lucky for Troy the teams middle linebacker, Seth Halloway, overheard Troy call the play and asks him how he knew it the next day.

Lastly the reason why I picked the name Seth Galloway is because Seth is the one who recognized his talent which is to read the other teams play. With the adrenaline flowing, Troy soon forgets about the line and ends up crossing it and blurting out the play.

He can predict plays before they happen on the football field. Seth is also described as a really friendly guy with a good personality. Those are the reasons why I picked the pictures, the names, and the word.

Seth realizes that Troy may be the key to turning the losing season into a winning. The novel also had a good ending, which you will have to read the book to find out. This excites Troy because he sees his chance to show everyone that he really can predict plays, but Troy soon finds out that doing so will be harder than he expected.

Troy stepping over the yellow line was definitely not a good choice, but he often had clever ideas that helped him throughout the book.

The reason I picked the name Troy is because the book is about this kid named Troy and how he can read the other teams plays. This makes things even more difficult for Troy.

Troy is an ordinary 12 year old boy except when it comes to his special talent. Troy and Seth sit down and watch a college game together and Troy proves himself to Seth.Football Genius is an action-packed adventure with gripping suspense, a hero you can really root for, and an insider’s look at the world of professional football.

Football Hero Read More. "Football Genius" by Tim Green is the story of a young boy named Troy who can predict football plays based on pattern analysis and the way the players line up.

He can do this for any team after just a few minutes of watching them play. When Troy's mother gets a job working for the Atlanta Falcons. Football Genius Troy is a boy who thinks that he should be 1st string QB for the Knights instead of Jamie Renfro.

Jamie's dad is the coach for the Knights, that is why Jamie is 1st string instead of troy. The story I read was football genius. It's about a kid named troy he has a gift. He can read the offense's and defense's plays. He got a once in a lifetime chance to watch a professional football.

Football Genius [Tim Green] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times bestselling author and former NFL player Tim Green scores a touchdown with this exhilarating and action-packed story about an ordinary boy who becomes a hero you can really root for.

Perfect for fans of Mike Lupica.

Football genius Essay

Twelve-year-old Troy White has a phenomenal gift: He can predict football plays /5(). The book I read is called Football Genius by Tim Green. This book was not a Newberry winner but I think it should have been.

The main character of this book is named Troy, and he lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Football genius essay
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