Fruits of labour are sweeter than the gifts of fortune

I cannot do everything, but I can do something. Man is born with two types of obligations; the one he owes to Allah and the others he owes to people It would have been more better,if u had written the only obligation of the man that he owes to people; As some men do not believe in the existence of Allah; Atheists.

In France, he dedicated 10 years investigating the scientific discoveries and comparing them with the Quran and trying to come up with one scientific contradiction with the Quran. The sense of levelling-of sympathy and equality and fellow feeling-which is present in those who work for their bread is absent in those who live by the gifts of fortune.

What a person does, not only impacts his life but also the life of people around him. He is never really satisfied with any thing which he has not earned with the labour of his head or hand. Thousands of deaf, dumb and blind took the corner of grave without raising their voices, but Helen Keller through her exertion made a path of hope for those waiting for gifts of fortune.

Upon arrival, very royal attendants were there including the French president himself and all ministers who bowed in honor for the mummy. And this judgement has ever since determined the character of man. When the ceremony ended, the mummy was carried to a specially-designed section at the Archeology Centre of France Were it started to be tested by the greatest French archeological and anatomical scientists in order to discover more about such a great mummy The scientists were headed by Professor Maurice Bucaille Scientists were trying to restore the mummy while Professor Maurice was mainly concerned with how did this mummy die!

Labour is the conqueror of everything, a respectable way for existence and is the warmth of life, while fortune is, the cradle of hope.

In addition to personal growth and reward,there are certain responsibilities that he has in the society and he has to fulfill these obligations do not inflict upon man the duty of fulfiling any responsibility. It will not be possible to develop a society and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants first and then realization of these those responsibilities and taking things head on which hinder the progress and development.

And here u have pointed out man. NO, my fellows, not at all! Actions of the man imapct not only on his life but also on that of the other people living around him. Definitely, LABOUR Labour is the name of action, life, certainty, efficiency, readiness, surity, authority, independence and, fullness not nothingness.

Without realizing the intended lesson that Allah swt has kept this body a Sign to all mankind of anyone who denies Allah and His messengers. However, you can write as: We all pray to God by working as labourers in His vineyard and fulfilling His great command that in the sweat of our face we shall earn our bread.

You are just as I want, so make me just as You like me to be. No real satisfaction is there, because we feel that we have got what we do not deserve and have thereby deprived more deserving men.

Finally he quoted one verse from the Quran to be his conclusion: Reactions are always instinctive whereas responses are always well thought of, just and right to save a situation from going out of hands, to avoid cracks in relationship, to avoid taking decisions in anger, anxiety, stress or hurry.

Things earned have not that risky nature about them.

Great Essay About The Fruits Of Labour Are Sweeter Than Gifts Of Fortune

No, never, not at all. A person like Bill Gates understood the importance of labour and didnot wait for any miracle or a gift of fortune but made his own way, with what?

So, he decided to travel and meet anatomy Muslim scientists and there he spoke about his discovery of the safety of the mummy after its death in the sea and so on. How can a book existed years ago speak about the mummy that was only found years ago, in ??!! What I can do, I should do.

The no article is required here other people will have to work more to compensate his their negligence and will have to make tough for them to earn a place in the comity of developed societies.

Good vocabulary However,I have ferreted out some of the mistakes from your expansion. I should always respond. Careless persons become a burden on their fellow citizens.

The fruits of labour are sweeter than the gift of fortune

Millions of deaf passed away without contributing, but a person like Edison, glorified his name through his toil and lightened the world. Have you ever thought, how did he achieve all this? Man lives a number of years, eats, sleeps and dies. Let me tell you. O Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad.Apr 11,  · The topic on which I’m going to express my thoughts on is, the fruits of labour are sweeter than the gifts of fortune.

Labour is the conqueror of everything, a respectable way for existence and is the warmth of life, while fortune is, the cradle of.

This means that a Labour take care of the fruits from the moment when it starts rising and this gives a hard patience and work to that and when they sell it the. The Fruit Of Labour Are Sweeter Then Gift Of Fortune Search. Search Results. Vitruvius Fruits, that by the good Encrease, which God gives to my Pen and Labours revenges are for the most part fortunate; as that for thequitted the gifts of Juno and Words; Pages; Chil Labour CHILD LABOUR Child Labour refers to the.

The fruits of labour are sweeter than the gift of fortune But the gift of fortune comes all of a sudden. It is wind­fall. There can not be the sense of dignity in it.

Win your reward with labour and wear it proudly. The price of genuine pleasure is pains. So the fruits and labour are greater and sweeter than the gift of fortunes. fruits of labour are sweeter than the gifts of fortune (for) The necessity of hard and consistent labour is indeed the main root and spring of all that we call progress in individuals and civilization in nations.

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Fruits of labour are sweeter than the gifts of fortune
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