How i taught my grandmother

Later she would discuss it with friends in the temple courtyard. She is sixty-two years old, grey-haired, wrinkled and all her life is devoted to the kitchen-chores and well-being of her family.

I am feeling so light, so independent! Her stories usually dealt with complex psychological problems with common people.

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Then suddenly her grandmother bent down and touched her feet. Rest in next letter. Pick out two sentences which state that the grandmother was desperate to know what happened in the story. She had felt very desperate and helpless, mutely gazing at the pictures, unable to read a single word.

Plot[ edit ] When I was a girl of about twelve,I used to stay in a village in North Karnataka with my grandparents. After this, she made a firm determination that she would learn to read the Kannada alphabet from the next day onwards and keep Saraswati Puja day during Dusshera as the deadline.

I am writing this letter to give you a thrilling news — I have learned to read Kannada alphabets as you know that we could not go to school because at that time education for girls was not considered essential.

The grandmother had never been to Kashi. What made Triveni a popular writer? There is no age limit to learning. Today I am extremely happy as I can call myself illiterate person.

How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories

According to the Hindu scriptures, touching the feet of elders is considered as a sign of respect. She had a great willingness for reading and a passion for acquiring knowledge. She was so popular because: There are so many illiterate people in this world, and if each of us take teaching at least our near and dear ones, we will be contributing the development of the society.

She never went to school and remained unlettered. As this did not happen, she was disappointed. The craving to know more about the book simply motivated me to be literate. Could the grandmother succeed in accomplishing her desire to read? Write character-sketch of grandmother. And see the result Oh!To ask other readers questions about How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories, please sign up.4/5.

How I Taught My Grandmother to Read is a non fictional narrative or a short story written by famous Indian prolific fiction author Sudha Murty. This story was published in the book How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories in. 5.

Long Answer Questions of How I Taught My Grandmother To Read.

As grandmother in the story ‘How I Taught My Grandmother to Read’ write a diary entry on your transformation. OR You are the grandmother. Write your feelings in your diary when your granddaughter gave you the novel ‘Kashi Yatre’.

[CBSE (TERM 1)].

How I taught my Grandmother to read

CBSE Fiction UNIT 1 F. 1 How I Taught My Grandmother To Read by Sudha Murty ardent: showing strong feelings 3 1. Write about the following memories or experiences.

Share your views with the. Apr 06,  · She taught her how to read and write when the grandmother expressed her desire to be illiterate. The author is kind and affectionate towards her grandmother. The character traits make her a lovable character. Her grandmother is illiterate so, she used to read a novel serial that regularly published in a weekly magazine to her grandmother.

Later, she taught her grandmother to read .

How i taught my grandmother
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