Judicial discretion essay

It is impossible to write specific laws to address the infinite situations in which the thousands of laws apply and sometimes conflict. Discretion determines what evidence is permitted or disallowed.

Abuse of Judicial Discretion

Because of this, for most practical purposes, especially in smaller cases, the trial judge is effectively the supreme court of the state. Such a judgment is not made arbitrarily but rendered in an effort to reach a just result, as sometimes occurs in stalking or sexual harassment complaints.

This should not really be called an abuse of judicial discretion because by law a judge has no discretion on terminer, but it has emerged as a practice that undermines all the other protections of the Constitution.

When judicial discretion is properly Judicial discretion essay, the record will clearly show that the trial court considered all the facts of the case and reasoned its way to a conclusion. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.

In certain cases, luck is needed to be granted appellate review for an abuse of discretion. Complaints of judicial misconduct for such denial or inaction are also being systematically ignored.

One such example is the concern that some judges drawing from their personal beliefs may use their positions to repeal Roe v. The need for judicial discretion is evident when a decision cannot be asserted as a matter of right. For instance, where the attorneys for defendants in a civil matter sought to withdraw as counsel and the client objected to the withdrawal, the court refused to allow the attorneys to withdraw because of significant risk of prejudice to the client and significantly more work for the court.

Sources of Discretion Judicial discretion is called for in myriad, intertwined circumstances. With 1, instances in the court rules alone, a court will generally have wide discretion.

That enables the judge to misinstruct the jury as to what the law is. A jury, chosen by sortition, or lot, for a single case, just before the case, is less likely to be corrupted, and having multiple jurors render verdicts collectively provides a check by each on the others.

It is normally granted, but in the Davidian trial it was denied, much to the surprise of defense attorneys, who planned to argue self-defense. Within the public sector, discretion can be exercised by legislative, executive, or judicial officials.

This is sometimes signaled in a decision that declares the matter a "political question". And the supreme court has not addressed this issue since the adoption of rule This judgment of the trial court occurs in accordance with what is right and equitable given the circumstances and applicable laws.

Judges have vast discretion. These matters include personnel hiring, courtroom procedures, and the like. Discretionary decisions to listen to the children and the therapists, as well as the parties and attorneys—and to micromanage the parties with the excellent guardians for a short time—turned the tide.

Tom Feeney observes that federal judges had unfettered discretion to impose a sentence unencumbered by appellate review. The Most Dangerous Branch:This essay has been submitted by a law student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

The use of discretion when sentencing criminals.

Judicial Discretion Essay

“Judicial discretion plays a pivotal role in the sentencing process. It is the judge’s role to take all relevant factors into account and give a right and just. Abuse of Judicial Discretion. Jon Roland. The essence of nomocracy, the rule of law, is limitation of the discretion of officials, and providing a process by which errors or abuse of discretion can be corrected.

Judicial Discretion Judicial discretion refers to the authority that judges have for making and interpreting certain laws. Within the United States, judicial discretion is one of the fundamental tenants of the system of law, and is guaranteed in the.

Police Discretion - In this essay a discussion will be explored about the benefits and problems associated with police use of discretion. Which current policing strategies have the most potential for controlling officer discretion and providing accountability, and which have the least, and why is that the case.

- Judicial discretion was. “With regards to evidence obtained by entrapment and undercover operations, critically discuss the relationship between judicial discretion and the power to stay proceedings as an abuse of power”. Often, the best way to avoid negative judicial discretion is to not seek a judicial decision and to be most selective about what you and your clients ask a court to think about.

In the words of a wise preacher, “be careful what you pray for.

Judicial discretion essay
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