Leaders are created by pressure placed

The leader who is ultimately voted into power is expected to carry out his promises. This ensures that the elected ones must always meet the demands placed by voters so that they can get elected in the future.

Thus politicians who wished to succeed must learn the lessons by fulfilling the demands of the people. Inability of the manager to handle the people under him in the most cost-effective manner may lead to a scenario wherein he is replaced by a more competent manager.

Both these people, were actually the prophets, satisfying crucial demands of their times. Therefore, effective leaders can be created by external demands placed on them along with the support of the inherent leadership qualities that are required to be present in the person who is nominated as a leader.

Historically, we know, great Mahatama Gandhi of India, as a quintessential example of leadership. During the election process, political leaders are pitted against each other and the one who is able to garner the highest number of votes wins the election.


And whereas most of us have experiences or witnessed crisis like King or Gandhi, not all us choose to learn from those experiences. Terrorist attacks during the regime of George Bush Jr.

Leaders are created by the demands that are placed on them.

A leader is a person who is followed by others due to his charisma and his ability to lead people in the right direction. I concede that there are many great leaders are created by the demands from the public; however it is not always the case in any scenarios.

The topic statement is especially true during trying times. Similar things happened in religion. At 15th and 16th century, the seeds renaissance was blossoming despite the fact that Europe was still clouted by Dark Age.

Conclusively, we can say that demands are usual progenitors of leaders. What do these leaders have to do for winning elections? It is also important to note that the definition of a leader is also circumstantial.

Good qualifications and experience may have assisted in placing the manager in this position. Under the auspices of this smart personality, US marines checked many terrorist targets, which also included assassination of cruelest of the world, Osama Bin Laden. A leader who is able to meet the promises made by him during the campaigning process will probably be elected into power for the second term as well.The company, which employs 45, workers in Seattle, placed a hold on projects that would have created 7, new jobs in the city.

It also started looking at options to sublease office space downtown. What do experts say about the pressure Amazon placed on city leaders? Absolute pressure – which is defined as the absolute value o pressure (force-per-unit-area) ac g o of p essu e (o ce pe u a ea) acting on a surface by a fluid.

su ace ud Abs. pressure = pressure at a local point of the surface due to fluid – absolute zero of pressure (see page 63 of lecture notes) 2. Better Under Pressure: How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Themselves and Others Justin Menkes To perform their best in today's turbulent atmosphere.

Apr 04,  · 6 Ways To Conquer Leadership Pressure. to a position of leadership without ever having been placed under pressure. When the inevitable. Leaders Are Created By Pressure Placed On Them Essays: OverLeaders Are Created By Pressure Placed On Them Essays, Leaders Are Created By Pressure Placed On Them Term Papers, Leaders Are Created By Pressure Placed On Them Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Jun 19,  · Staying calm under pressure tells a lot about a leader. By Joyce E.A. Russell. Jun 19, | AM. Some stress is good, but leaders should be .

Leaders are created by pressure placed
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