Memorable day of my life in accident sample essay

In addition to that, it is better if your story has a purpose. At that very moment, my fear of doctors vanished and I began appreciating the important role that doctors play in everyday life.

Due to his old age, my grandfather had begun experiencing major problems with his left eye. Her love and affection for me was unconditional. I was determined to work hard and score as much higher as possible. The nurses sensed the high level of nervousness that both my grandfather and I were feeling and talked to us so nicely that we ended up relaxing and perceiving the operation as something normal and nothing to worry much about.

It was a great scene to see so many flowers all together. My uncle drove us to the hospital; 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital and ensuring that my grandfather had checked in, my uncle left for a commitment he had to take care of. There were too many of them.

Interestingly, the whole operation lasted only an hour and my grandfather was wheeled out of the operation with a bandage on the operated eye, but he was conscious and in very high spirits.

The memorable day of my life would be the day when I came to know I was the second to score the highest in commerce in my town. The trip to Ooty was definitely one of the most memorable ones in my life.

She gave me a warm hug and told she knew I could do this. There was no end for the appreciation I got from all teachers.

Scores or rank was a big reason to be happy. Another reason why I consider the day as a memorable day of my life because I was able to outshine my biggest competitors. Luckily, there were several helpful nurses available to offer any assistance that my grandfather required and the doctors were very friendly.

But, the results of my hard word were beyond expectation as I was the second from the top. Brief Essay The happiest day of my life our tour to Ooty.

We went for a trip to the beautiful hill station last month. I shared a lot of information and it gained a good name of me in my school. The same afternoon we went to Mudhumalai forests and saw wildlife face to face.

That day was the most proud filled and memorable day in my life. The botanical garden and rose garden were so amazing. The tight relationship that had developed between my grandfather and me also made it very easy for me to accompany him, despite the fear I had of operations and hospitals in general.

It was not long before both my grandfather and I felt relaxed and ready for the operation, as we forgot the high degree of nervousness we had felt just a few moments earlier. Since it was a weekend and I did not have any classes that day and did not have any other obligations, I thought it would be a good idea to accompany my grandfather to the hospital rather than stay at home and be bored.

And I made her dream come true. Most memorable day of my life: If you are looking for the best place to get custom essays from academic experts, CustomWritings. My memory event took place several years ago when, due to my curiosity, I decided to accompany my grandfather to the hospital. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the readers to follow your story.

The next day we visited Pykara and the boating experience there, was indeed not equivalent to words. Short Essay All days are not special. The trip started on a breezy Sunday morning.A Memorable Event essays Having the feeling of losing a loved one is something that everyone eventually experiences.

Losing my grandpa in a car accident is by far the most devastating thing I had to learn to cope with. My grandpa and I were really close.

We did many things together until the day. Memorable Day Of My Life In Accident Sample Essay Gisela Lopez Ms. S. Nylander English 1A Narrative August 26, The Most Memorable Day of my Life The most memorable day of my life was, September 4, in Chicago, IL.

There are those incidences that happen in life that are so memorable they continue to linger in one’s mind; however, such events usually leave a permanent mark in the lives of individuals and offer lessons that cannot be erased by any other experience in life.

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a Memorable Day In My Life Memorable Day in My Life It was the most frightening day of my life. The day that I left my family in Cuba to move to the. My Dad advised us to distribute all the money among ourselves so that if by accident one losses the money, we would still have enough money to were pretty much excited and anxious as it was the first time we all were going out so far on our on the scheduled day we left with all our camping equipment and bags.

The memorable day of my life would be the day when I came to know I was the second to score the highest in commerce in my town. I could not believe my ears as I never dreamed of such achievements. It was the memorable day of my life because I was able to see the happiness in my mother’s eyes.

Memorable day of my life in accident sample essay
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