Pc hardware servicing course structure

Our reliance on such equipment means there will always be work opportunities in computer servicing. Computer Servicing I is studied by distance learning, so you can study in the comfort of your own home. Peripherals How to assemble peripherals e. An interest and understanding of computers is helpful but repeated practice and studying will really help a trainee learn the ins and outs of Computer Hardware Servicing.

If you commit to doing this course properly, and make good use of your tutor who guides you through these studies, you will learn the things that are most important and develop the habits that are critical to growing your knowledge, skills and capacity as a very good computer technician over the years that follow.

Strong Technical Skills — the knowledge and ability to learn, operate and control properly and safely an extensive range of equipment, tools and systems used in the field. Always replace blown fuses with one of the correct rating and always check that the existing fuse was rated correctly.

If positive and negative factors are equal then a flip of the coin is not a bad idea. Learning is all about developing good habits and committing the most important knowledge to long term memory, and when you are doing a job like computer servicing, these things are especially important.

They appreciate everything that is important from health and safety to time management, record keeping and emerging changes in technology. Remove all jewellery while working on electrical equipment. Explain how to use several different software diagnostic tools.

Develop a basic understanding of diagnostic testing with self tests and diagnostic cards. Analyze and try-out configured computer system and network.

Beware of building up static electricity or electro-magnetic energy — insulate, be cautious etc. Terminating and Connecting of 3. Electronic Circuit Electrical Wiring and Electronics or connection of electrical wiring and Circuit electronic circuit.

Plan your disassembly well. Configure the computer system and network. A foundation course - developing essential knowledge. Display equipment such as computer monitors generate and store voltages of up to 15, volts 15KV for black and white monitors, and 30, volts 30KV for colour monitors.

Pc Hardware Servicing Course Structure

Terminate or connect electrical wiring and electronic circuit. Better still; use an anti-static bench mat as well for placing your components on.

If you have any questions at all, they are always happy to help. Do not work with electrical equipment unless you know what you are doing and are sure of the consequences.

Good technicians communicate well with clients, they understand the problems that are brought to them and give appropriate advice in a way that the client can understand. Just like a car cannot be run without the engine and a driver a computer needs perfectly functioning hardware components to be working properly.

Installation Of Software Installing different software programs in computers, in accordance with manuals. It may take time, but if the implications of a bad decision are significant; a good decision may eventually save a great deal of time.

They may install and configure computer systems, diagnose hardware and software faults and solve technical and applications problems Technical support representative — answers questions from computer users and solves problems with the installation or operation of software.

This problem solving technique should be applied when faced with difficult or complex decisions. Determine likely causes of potential hardware faults, including faulty equipment, damage to equipment. Is Computer Hardware Servicing a profession?

Inspect and test computer system hrs.

Plan and prepare for 40 hrs. In conjunction with any additional formal instructions the following should always be noted: Instructors provide timely feedbacks allowing students to improve their skills. Computer Hardware Specialist — set up equipment for employee use, performing or ensuring proper installation of cable, operating systems, and appropriate software Salary Levels The following are some common jobs for Computer Hardware Servicing NC II graduates, along with their corresponding monthly salaries source: There are some schools who have on the job trainings OJT.

These activities are contained in a short booklet called a module. Use appropriate hand tools and test equipment. Supervision textbooks and courses often outline a formal problem solving technique.There's a specialist from your university waiting to help you with that essay.

Tell us what you need to have done now! order now. If it doesn't, you may be best undertaking Computer Servicing I first. Contact our specialist tutors for advice on choosing the right course for you - use our FREE COURSE COUNSELLING SERVICE. COURSE STRUCTURE AND CONTENT.

Computer Servicing II comprises 10 lessons, as outlined below. Lesson 1. Introduction To Hardware. Maintaining computer systems and networks COURSE DESIGN.

Computer Hardware Servicing II in the Philippines

Course Title: COMPUTER HARDWARE SERVICING NCII. Nominal Duration: hours. Course Description: This course is designed to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a Computer Service Technician in accordance with industry standards.

PC HARDWARE SERVICING The Strengthened Technical-Vocational Education Program PC Hardware Servicing INTRODUCTION Computer Hardware Servicing: This course provides an excellent introduction to the IT industry and in-depth exposure to personal computers, hardware, and operating systems in accordance to local industry.

Computer Servicing II

Identify different hardware components of a computer system. identify and remove specific parts from a computer; and to distinguish between different types of personal computers.

Assemble peripherals for a computer system. Assemble a computer system. Install different software programs into computer systems, in accordance with manuals. 45 illustrated chapters on PC Architecture: Chapter 4.

Intro to the motherboard. Chapter 7. The south bridge. Chapter Evolution of the Pentium 4. Chapter Chipsets and hubs. Chapter Inside the CPU. Chapter The PC’s I/O system. Chapter Hard disks, ATA and SATA.

37 illustrated chapters on the Digital Camera: Chapter 4.

Pc hardware servicing course structure
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