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How do examiners determine where the 3, words end? The task-specific clarification within Further guidance for projects includes in the information above Criterion A strand iii, that the bibliography is an alphabetical list of all sources used to complete the project; resources should be explicit, appropriate and noted in the project report.

If a student has completed an oral report, the content must be approached and rewarded in the same way as a written report. Intercultural understanding Intercultural learning is a priority within the CP. Students should remember that material must be readable on a screen, without the need to zoom.

Academic Writing in a Global Context examines the impact of the growing dominance of English on academic writing for publication globally. The main task is writing the body of the essay, which should be presented in the form of a reasoned argument. What about double spacing and cover pages?

Is there any specific font size and font type for the personal project? Understand and use language to express and respond to a range of ideas with fluency and accuracy.

It offers a good insight into the different aspects of academic text and knowledge production and how these are influenced by the current publishing practices. The task-specific clarification descriptors provide insight for both strands. I hope these have helped you?

Develop international-mindedness through the study of languages, cultures, and ideas and issues of global significance. The themes also provide opportunities for students to make connections to other disciplinary areas in the DP.

These are the most common queries I hear so I hope they are useful. Struggle with other DP workload?

Academic Writing in a Global Context

It is best practice for all markers to apply a common interpretation of assessment criterion strands. The further guidance document includes a student-friendly checklist for writing the personal project report. There can be some latitude for different word counting systems in different word processing packages.

As appropriate to the level of the course, communication skills are reinforced through the other categories of approaches to learning skills: Research practices when working on an extended essay must reflect the principles of academic honesty.

Must students comment on global context in both criterion C and criterion D? Between subjects, it is important that students are aware a command term has a common meaning to understand how their work is assessed, and within subjects that they understand what is required for their work to match achievement levels in order to be aware of their learning gain and prepare for future progress in learning.

In other forums, students have described their struggle with managing the extended essay in conjunction with their other DP responsibilities and requirements, but alumni who participated in this survey, and with the benefit of hindsight, expressed a positive experience.

What did the extended essay do for you?

For the development of receptive skills, language B students must study authentic texts that explore the culture s of the target language. In the language B course, students develop the ability to communicate in the target language through the study of language, themes and texts.

Listening comprehension 45 minutes 25 marks 2. More specifically, Language B courses aim to: Reading comprehension 1 hour 40 marks Comprehension exercises on three audio passages and three written texts, drawn from all five themes. Knowledge of vocabulary and grammar—the what of language—is reinforced and extended by understanding the why and how of language: Pages must be numbered and the contents page must be completed.

Communicate clearly and effectively in a range of contexts and for a variety of purposes. Where examiners indicate that the word count declared by the student was less than that submitted, schools will be requested to remark the work to the permitted maximum.

If the font is too small this may not be possible. The authors explore the ways in which the global status attributed to English is impacting on the lives and practices of multilingual scholars working in contexts where English is not the official language of communication and throws into relief the politics surrounding academic publishing.

In addition, the study of two literary works is required at HL.Receptive: Students understand, both aurally and in writing, simple sentences and some more complex sentences relating to the five prescribed themes and related topics.

They understand simple authentic and adapted written and audio texts and related questions in the target language. contexts and purposes associated with academic and.

Academic strength. CP students complete a minimum of two internationally recognized IB Diploma Programme (DP) courses. The CP core further develops the academic skills of students through its four components.

An international perspective. CP students are encouraged to view aspects of their studies in a broad, global context. ‘Academic Writing in a Global Contextwill transform understandings about English as A social practice approach to academic text production in a global context 19 How this book is organized 27 Ethics and anonymity 28 Scholars’ professional academic experience and.

IBEC Course 4: Professional Learning in a Global Context COURSE DESCRIPTION Curriculum Processes in the International Baccalaureate provides the learner wi th a deeper.

This aligns well with the IB’s description of the extended essay as an endeavour that is ‘intended to promote academic research and writing skills, providing students with an opportunity to engage in personal research in a topic of their own choice in which ideas and findings are communicated in a reasoned and coherent manner, appropriate.

The IB expects a school to have an academic policy that is aligned to IB page has been designed as a professional development workshop on academic honesty that you could run with your staff.

What is our Global Context? Key documents. Operational documents Writing or revising your academic honesty policy. The IB (in.

Professional academic writing in global context ib
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