Strategic management of declining industries a literature review

Strategic Management of Declining Industries - A Literature Review

It uses many tools or techniques to ensure that an organization has the internal capability to effectively achieve its goals and objectives. Strategic moves to improve performance S. There is a great deal of literature on the general subject of performance measurement.

Other thesis, Helsinki University of Technology.

Normative management literature on declining industries

Page 11 Share Suggested Citation: Many of the responses are such that strategic planning and management would be a key tool for developing and implementing them. The industry had made significant investments into intangible assets over the previous years and after the Cold War ended, it faced declining defense expenditures and had little hope of successfully deploying assets elsewhere through diversification Anand and Singh Progressive change differs from creative change in that core assets are not under constant threat, and thus these industries are generally more stable.

The types of changes are simply architectural and foundational. This analysis should then be repeated in each link in the downstream supply chain. Instead, they take reactive cost measures.

In their study of industries within the U. Gen- erally, in the public sector, and in public transportation more specifically, the situation is usually more constrained. The article presents auto dealerships as an example, as their traditional sales activities are being eroded by the Internet.

New models for organizing and managing transit in Europe. The project studied transportation in three key arenas else- where in transportation industries in search of lessons, or new models, for transit.

The balanced scorecard system involves the development, utilization, and analysis of performance metrics that are devel- oped for each of these perspectives. Review and adopt the strategic plan or plans. This study looked at the current environment for strategic planning and management in a variety of publicly funded transportation agencies, provided a definition of strategic man- agement and its components, and recommended guidelines for successfully institutionalizing strategic management.

We present what each category has to say about the behavior of declining industries and try to integrate the knowledge from all categories where possible. Core resources tend to appreciate rather than depreciate over time.

Although their margins were found to be lower, this was offset by, i. Organizations usually have time to adapt to the changes in all four trajectories. Five strategies are suggested in regard to this issue: Traditional assets such as vehicles, passenger terminals, and maintenance facilities are being jointly managed.

The study report included a discussion of strategic planning and its benefits, a survey of transit agencies, and a case study of a small transit system in Missouri South- east Missouri Transportation Services, Inc.Because the environments of declining industries differ, many different strategies could be appropriate for coping with declining demand.

Demand and customer traits, product traits, supplier behavior, competitor traits, and exit barriers must be taken into account by a firm in a declining industry. Strategy alternatives include early exit, milking the company's. LITERATURE REVIEW OF STRATEGIC CSR; Elements of Strategies for Declining Industries: Leadership.

Selective investment / Turnaround; Invest as appropriate to give real competitive advantage. Strategic Management: Awareness & Change (with CourseMate and eBook Access Card).

End-Game Strategies for Declining Industries. In this article we discuss the strategic problems that declining demand poses, where decline is a.

A review of the strategic management literature: The importance of intellectual capital in the non-profit sector.

Abstract. Purpose – Very little systematic research has reviewed the applicability of strategic management concepts. Strategic Management of Declining Industries - A Literature Review Koponen, Jasu and Arbelius, Heikki () Strategic Management of Declining Industries - A Literature Review.

Other thesis, Helsinki University of Technology. A Literature Review on the Factors influencing Strategy Implementation Yang Li 1, Sun Guohui, Martin J. Eppler2 Making Strategy Work: A Literature Review on the Factors strategy execution, strategic management.

Strategic management of declining industries a literature review
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