Tcs knowledge management

This way knowledge could flow from their experts to their beginner workers who in fact need to learn in order perform better for TCS. Any associate could contribute their knowledge and information for sharing with employees.

It can be retrieved by searching similar business case. However Project Infinity also brought along other tools such as Instant Messaging and a news broadcast system.

It contained wide range of information regarding processes, line of technology and the line of business.

Analysis of the Knowledge Management at Tcs Using the Knowledge Management Value Chain Model.

Employees could enhance their skills in many areas. In the implementation of Ultimatix, TCS tried to use captures of intelligent technics or knowledge work system meaning knowledge tools like wizard, templates for software productivity improvement, knowledge training modules and information on tools.

When TCS combine same time with quick place, it took easyly to exchange information on project, technlogy and preparation.

Philadelphia Property Management Services

So their intent was more on capturing structure data in the first wave. TCS has created communities of practices CoPs with an animator expert in an area of knowledge to gather best practice on different area of expertise using business case documenting problem and solution.

It supported more than 60 knowledge assets and was accessible via Ultimatix to all TCS associates. COP members widely shared and exchanges industry and service practices.

By recording all of their meetings with LiveMeeting application TCS could arrange a team where all the members knew what was discussed. Analysis of the knowledge management at TCS using the knowledge management value chain model.

Tools and activities were used for managing tacit knowledge: For example on mainframe around business cases.

TCS core business is to produce project in India to be delivered all around the world. Thanks to use these tools, TCS can unprove collabaration among employees and collaboration of overseas and local office 4.

For example, during an offering, it is frequent that many people are working on the same document. Some collaboration tools which are need at TCS: The groupware was a body which automated various in house systems such as training and many other functions.

TCS processes have been simplified and communication has been streamed with those KM tools. Sub-portals of quality management system, software productivity improvement, training materials and tools information were shared and easily accessed via EKM.

These were made available to all development centers of TCS through the intranet. Knowledge could also be shared directly from their experts by Knowledge Transition sessions and a Tip of the Day mail system.

Knowledge Management Initiatives at TCS

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Propel sessions also brought together employees with similar interests so that they could balance their work and their life and hopefully integrate both as one.

It can be accessed through queries or using taxonomies created by CoPs. TCS also used Web 2. How do you think KM tools have changed some key operational processes at TCS, such as bidding for new projects, project development and implementation, customer service, and so on?

Tools and acticities used for managing explicit knowledge:Knowledge Management Initiatives at TCS - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx) or view presentation slides online. Scribd is the world's largest 3/5(6). TCS Management is a full service property management company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We focus on management of homes, condos, and town homes with corporate offices in Philadelphia, New York, Florida, Delaware & Maryland. Knowledge Management at TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) Inthe concept of KM was introduced in TCS.

The framework for KM was defined in The framework identified the KM constituents in the business and assessed the culture in TCS to determine its readiness to adopt KM initiatives. Knowledge Management Initiatives At Tcs Knowledge Management CERTIFICATE IN KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Intake 52 – 14th January to 18th January JT FRANK ACADEMY SDN.

Some of the growth of knowledge management systems in TCS and how the sytems helped its business are listed as below KBASES AND GROUPWARE It is a knowledge repository in the corporate and branch servers accessible to all employees through the intranet. The case examines knowledge management (KM) practices of TCS.

Managing knowledge is of prime importance in the present information age, especially for companies like TCS which depend heavily on knowledge for their existence and growth.

Tcs knowledge management
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