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I tiptoed over to the muse before Uncle as he lay in the dignity of death, the faintest trace of his somber smile still on his face. Knowing him so well, she was positive that he was unhappier than ever, for that horrid woman never allowed him to have his own way; she even denied him those little drinks which he took merely to aid him into poetic composition.

Did any of you come to him then? As though to give balance to the scene, the young man stood his full height near the woman to offset the collective bulk of Aunt Sophia and myself, although I was merely a disproportionate shadow behind her. Some reflective traits are the delicadeza system being practiced, the unfaithfulness of husbands, presence of gossipers, scandals in public and ridiculous funeral set-up with two different camps in opposite sides.

I took no notice of him even though he had elegant manners, a mischievous cowlick, wistful eyes, a Dennis Morgan chin, and a pin which testified that he belonged to what we girls called our "brother college.

Her face began to twitch. What is chieftest mourner? Complicated as the situation was when Uncle was alive, it became more so when he died. Thus, this may result from what we call the cultural production.

As you look at it, the plot is so simple. I tried to be brave while I read that my uncle had actually been "the last of a distinct school of Philippine poets. The article, as printed, covered only his boyhood and early manhood because our adviser cut out everything that happened after he was married.

Everytime I cam into the room when Mama and Aunt Sophia were holding conference, the talk would suddenly be switched to Spanish. Attention of the passerby or the readers is drawn by the power of words and pictures.

The Chieftest Mourner by Aida Rivera Ford

The air became dense with the sickly-sweet smell of many flowers clashing and I went over to get my The chieftest mourner summary of air. A young man, obviously a brother or a nephew, was bending over her solicitously.

And then all of a sudden she looked at me queerly and made a most peculiar request of me. I was sorry he poured it out into wee glasses because it was unlike any lemonade I had ever tasted. But at about three, the woman arrived and I perceived at once that there was a difference in her appearance.

Report Story He was my uncle because he married my aunt even if he had not come to her these past ten yearsso when the papers brought the news of his death, I felt that some part of me had died, too.

Up in my room, I stopped to fasten a pink ribbon to my hair thinking the while how I would play my role to perfection--for the dear niece was to be presented to the uncle she had not seen for so long. If you think of the dead at all I wanted to ask my aunt who she was but after embracing me when I arrived, she kept her eyes stolidly fixed before her.

Aida is the Princess of Ethiopia, who has been captured by the Egyptians.The chieftest mourner was actually the family of the dead poet Reply Link to Comment; Get notified when The Chieftest Mourner by Aida Rivera Ford is updated. Continue with Facebook Continue.

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An Analysis of Aida Rivera Ford’s: The Chieftest Mourner

A short analysis of The Chieftest Mourner (not owned) Uploaded by.5/5(1). Essay on The Chieftest Mourner Story; Essay on The Chieftest Mourner Story.

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What is aida about?

Summary. In this story we encounter storytelling as a means of saving your identity, your relationship with your family, and perhaps even your life—which means that, in a sense, you are saving a world. The Chieftest Mourner by Aida Rivera Ford - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.5/5(2).

Read story The Chieftest Mourner by Aida Rivera Ford by heartbreaker with 18, reads. rivera, mourner, ford. He was my uncle because he married my aunt (e Reviews: Summary of the chief test mourner This is a short story authored by Aida Rivera Ford.

The story is all about the death of the narrator's uncle. It is a story with a focal point focused on love and innocence in the context of death.

The chieftest mourner summary
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