Wombat stew writing activities

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After we had compiled our recipe we decided to go outside and make it. A platypus cannot walk on his hind legs. The benefit of this is accumulative. He comes out at night to feed and exercise, but is very aware of the dangers he faces outside.

Suggested Itinerary Prior to the first reading with your children I recommend you read through the unit study and make a plan. You might know enough about a particular topic to just discuss it with your child.

At other times you might want to do a little extra research or read from another book. Where do you think you should put your map marker for this story? Trace the tracing onto a clean sheet of paper. Ask open-ended questions and try to get them thinking and talking.

After each reading and sometimes duringtry to introduce the ideas mentioned in a natural conversational way. How to make a wombat stew. For Example; brewy, chewy, lumpy, crunchy, munchy, muddy, yummy, gooey, billy, creepy ,spicy Name the Recipe Why do you think the Dingo named his recipe Wombat Stew?

Related books for further study Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French. It is 5, km. Once traced, look at the original illustration and add some details.

The grasses are drying up and the night is full of predators — dingoes, wild cats and owls. Use of repetition- What is the saying being repeated. Did wombat stew writing activities know there are no Koalas in Tasmania or WA?

If you can think of any other activities or field trips that might complement Wombat Stew and you want to do them plan them into your schedule. We also decided on a bit of poetic licencing and enhanced our Wombat Stew with a few extra ingredients to make it even more delicious. Dingo takes the wombat The Middle-The Climax?

In this unit study we have dabbled into social study topics as they arise. Dingo falls for the plan The Ending-Resolution? Once inside we gathered around the activity table and had a look at the ingredients there.

The children had small containers to collect any ingredients we could find. We had chocolate pudding mudcoconut featherssultanas fliesjubes gumnuts and lolly snakes and worms bugs. They should be able to identify a diamond, four ovals, and a cylinder. Could you make a rhyme for the new dish?

How can we be a good friend to others? Bush craft- How can you cook your food in the bush? This is all part of the learning journey. Using tracing paper have them trace the picture in the book following the shape.

We discussed how recipes include ingredients and we listed all the ingredients we could find in the book; mud, feathers, flies, bugs and gumnuts. What is the difference between a factual and fictional story. Younger Readers Jackie French the author has a wombat living in her backyard.

Poisons-What should you eat. Is this a real story? We revisited the book the following day and used the information in the book to compile a Wombat Stew recipe.

Platypus are only found on the east coast of Australia including Tasmania. Chemistry- Make a stew. Try not to make my mistake.Language Focus: Narrative Oral Reading Writing Targeted Student Teaching and Learning Activities O R W Target Language Controlled Wombat Stew –Narrative Study Resource 2 page 3 Janet Freeman dug up all sorts of creepy crawlies and dropped them into the stew.

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Wombat Stew, Procedure Writing, Action Verbs, Writing Process, Grade 1, Teaching Ideas, Literacy, Kindergarten, Template. Wombat Stew gives plenty of scope for innovating on vocabulary, sentence and story structure. At this stage, many of the children are capable of writing their own stories independently.

Others will still benefit from having you act first as scribe, thus enabling them to display rewarding inventiveness. wombat stew literacy activities instructions guide, wombat stew literacy activities service manual guide and maintenance manual guide on your products.

Find this Pin and more on australia by Lori Pachera. Wombat Stew 2nd - 4th In this recognizing vocabulary words in a recipe worksheet, students use the words in the word bank and the context clues to fill in the blanks.

Wombat stew writing activities
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