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Ryuk Ransomware Crew Makes $640,000 in Recent Activity Surge

The common train of thought is that this ransomware spreads via targeted attacks, with the Ryuk crew targeting selected companies one at a time, either via spear-phishing emails or Internet-exposed and poorly secured RDP connections, albeit researchers have not been able to pinpoint the exact entry vector for infections as of yet.

Similar to most elite ransomware strains, unique Bitcoin payment addresses are created for each victim. Both ransom notes asked victims to contact the Ryuk authors via email.

Ryuk shuts down over services on infected hosts But there are also some differences. From 13th this month, we seen 5 victims of a ransomware. The difference is that Hermes 2. Attacks with this ransomware strain were first spotted last Monday, August 13, according to independent security researcher MalwareHunter, who first tweeted about this new threat.

Something else that executes it had write a comment recent activity achieve this privilege," he added. But despite being used as a diversion in the Taiwan bank heist, Hermes was a fully functional and quite deadly ransomware. But despite these reports, security researchers from various companies have not been successful at identifying how this ransomware spreads and infects victims.

Hermes was first discovered in February when Emsisoft researcher Fabian Wosar decided to reverse it in a live stream on YouTube. Currently, researchers have not spotted such weakness in Ryuk, as of yet. A decrypter was later published for those first versions, which is still available for download from here or here.

Hermes v2 appeared soon after as a response and was not decryptable. While previous versions of the Hermes ransomware have been an on-and-off threat that surfaces at random intervals with a mass spam campaign, the new Ryuk ransomware strain appears to be a new attempt from the Lazarus Group at developing a SamSam-like strain to use in precise surgical strikes against selected organizations.

Ryuk-Hermes similarities are pretty obvious The connection between the two is pretty obvious, at least to one cyber-security firm which analyzed the two ransomware strains. Check Point researchers, who analyzed recent Ryuk variants, point out some pretty obvious connections between past Hermes versions and current Ryuk samples, both of which shared large swaths of code.

The ransom note seems Bitpaymer, encrypted files seems Hermes. Code similarities to the Hermes ransomware were found in both samples. At least 3 of them are companies from those, 2 are from US, 1 from Germany, and 1 of the 3 is healthcare related. Interesting that the word Sophos nocase can be found 15 times in it Researchers found a long, more verbose ransom note, and another, blunter and to-the-point ransom demand.Sep 12,  · Recent Activity Activity stream for all registered members at Creative Writing Forums - Writing Help, Writing Workshops, & Writing Community.

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