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In other embodiments, the financial institution computer can communicate with a bank, credit union, or brokerage firm to facilitate the debiting and crediting of various types of accounts typically found in such institutions. Certain embodiments of the methods and systems described herein for exchanging one form of value for another form of value are described in the context of computer-executable instructions performed by a general-purpose computer.

The customer then calls the telephone number and provides the credit card issuer with the identification number from the receipt and certain other personal information. In blocka user is prompted for a payment method. Similarly, the user may also elect to transfer the proceeds from any such payment to a bank account for direct deposit, to a cell phone account to obtain additional minutes, or to an on-line account e.

For example, the user may elect to pay for the transaction with cash e. In blockthe machine determines whether it needs to collect any funds from the user for the selected transaction s.

In a further embodiment, a user can top up a phone account e. In other embodiments, the gift card identifiers can be associated with new gift cards physical or virtual and provided to the purchasers via email, smart phone application, mail, etc.

User-provided inputs are shown on the left side of Figure 4 and can include coins, currency, or writing assembly code in keil werth from cash cards, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, bank account transfers, brokerage account transfers, on-line transactions, and the like.

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The first communications link may be a radio frequency RF communications link e. In one such transaction, the user can utilize any of the methods of payment described above to transfer money from one account to another account e.

The method of claim 1: For example, in one aspect of this embodiment, the user can swipe a card and determine the amount of funds or phone minutes in the case of phone cards remaining on the card or in an associated account. Such information can also include salary or other employment information.

The kiosk can also store exchanged gift cards for later sale at the kiosk or at a remote location. Figure 8 is a flow diagram illustrating the routine for inputting various forms of payment in one embodiment. In another embodiment, a value exchange system includes one or more of the value exchange machines connected to one or more remote computers via a communications link The user can pay for the additional minutes on line with, e.

In addition to the foregoing, a user can also utilize the value exchange system to pick up tickets and other items reserved or purchased on-line. In still further embodiments, the routine can include displaying a customization option so the consumer can personalize a gift card by adding graphics e.

In another aspect of this embodiment, a card value e. If the first gift card has a buy-back value that is less than the resale value of the second gift card, the kiosk can prompt the consumer to input additional funds.

Next, the machine prompts the user to enter the desired dollar amount of the new prepaid cash card via the first keypad Use of the value exchange machine to exchange one form of value for another form of value will now be explained in accordance with a few examples. If all the requested transactions have been performed, then in block the machine prints a receipt with a unique transaction number and issues it to the user.

Other functions can be handled by the kiosk Such information can also include salary or other employment information. If the financial institution computer validates the transaction, it sends an authorization to the machine to issue the user a prepaid cash card for the desired amount.

Furthermore, in yet other embodiments one or more of the foregoing features may be omitted from the value exchange machine in various applications without departing from the spirit or scope of the present disclosure. User-provided inputs are shown on the left side of Figure 4 and can include coins, currency, or credit from cash cards, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, bank account transfers, brokerage account transfers, on-line transactions, and the like.

If a credit card is used for payment, the machine validates the credit card and obtains authorization to debit the funds from the credit card account or accounts. If the machine determines that the user needs to deposit funds for the transaction, then the routine proceeds to routine shown in FIG.

Because the basic structures and functions related to computer-readable routines and corresponding implementations are known, they have not been shown or described in detail here in order to avoid unnecessarily obscuring the described embodiments.

After reading the card, the machine prompts the user to input a PIN or other security code via the second keypad If the user wishes to use an additional form of payment for the selected transaction, then the routine returns to block The method of claim 4 wherein determining whether the predetermined condition is met comprises comparing a total gift card value of gift cards tendered by the first user within a preset period of time to a predetermined limit on the total gift card value.

In other embodiments, the kiosk can dispense cash value e. Instead, the user may receive a receipt or other record documenting the transaction. In the illustrated embodiment, the card outlet is a horizontal slot for dispensing cards, such as prepaid cash or phone cards, and other similar items.

For example, element is first introduced and discussed with reference to Figure 1. The kiosk can also print other information e. After this information has been entered, in block e the machine communicates with the server computer to authorize use of the account for the amount of the debit.

In addition, the user can also have the option of attaching a PIN to their new prepaid credit card account that will allow them to make cash withdrawals at ATMs.Online resource for Hampton Roads news and Virginia news, including coverage of Newport News, Hampton and beyond from Daily Press.

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Google has not performe. Figure 2 is an enlarged front elevation view of a drawer assembly of the value exchange machine of Figure 1 configured in accordance with an embodiment.

bar code, computer/memory chip, smart card chip, and the like.

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and wherein the method further includes writing selected information to the at least one card issued to the user with the. Robert L. Werth: Code controlled microcontroller readout from coin operated machine CAA (en) Package assembly and method for activating prepaid debit cards GBD0 (en) Ncr Int Inc Keil Dean S: System and method for debit account transactions USA1 (en).

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Writing assembly code in keil werth
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